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rsp probe support for SLES

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11-07-2018 04:54 AM

Customers are willing to use the rsp probe on SLES but this isn't supported at the moment.


As the Support Matrix tells us that the Support looks like the following:

  • zLinux 64bit
    • SLES is mentioned here but it’s a special version from IBM zSystems
  • Linux x86
    • SUSE 11
    • OpenSuse 12, 13
  • Linux x86_64
    • SUSE 11,12,13

As SLES is categorized as SUSE and the SUSE Company/Brand is producing OpenSuse and SLES. Therefore SLES 11-13 should be Supportet as the Matrix mentioned it for x86_64. SLES is an Enterprise-Linux and along with RHEL distributed like that – even Microsoft uses it in a high amount. Looks like SLES and SUSE in the core are pretty much the same.



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