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OPSREXX - IBM Tivoli Netview Rexx Emulation

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04-05-2019 11:58 AM

Replicate NetMaster Netview Emulation in OPS/MVS.  In many cases, when migrating from system automation written in base Netview, there are functions which have no equivalent mapping to OPS/MVS functions.  CA NetMaster provides an emulation of Netview's REXX inplementation.  It would be beneficial to provide comparable emulation to the OPS/MVS product.  Both implementations use the GRexx so I'm hoping that porting the Netview emulation would not be overly difficult.


04-24-2019 01:26 PM

The main functionality that would be greatly simplified by porting the Netview rexx emulation to OPS/MVS would be the migration of Netview Rexx PIPE instructions.  While in many cases, OPS/REXX is able to leverage its efficiency to negate any loss of efficiency by recoding PIPE instructions into OPS/REXX, this is a time consuming process.  Enabling PIPE instruction support within OPS/REXX would be the primary benefit.