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More efficient NAS Auto-Operator profiles

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08-25-2015 10:07 AM

Currently as of Nas 4.73, the functionality of the auto-operator profiles has remained the same for some time.


It becomes difficult in larger environments to develop more custom alarming conventions while remaining efficient. For example, in order to develop specific alarming criteria for one set of alarms, or for one purpose, two or more AO profiles are needed to develop effective/efficient alarming mechanism. Sometimes, these are not enough and a custom script in conjunction to an AO profile is needed.


e.g ; Customer want's to have an email alarm sent when an alert shows up and also wants to be made aware if this has not been 'cleared' or acknowledged, so they want it to re-send an email alert every 10 minutes (until the alarm is taken care of). Currently the only way to produce this sort of alarming mechanism, you need 2 AO profiles (one for initial alarm and the other for interval). But in larger environments, where 400+ profiles are present, having 200-400 extra profiles is a pretty heavy overhead to cope with.


The idea suggested is to have more efficient alarming solutions.

ex; Action mode could have an "AND" statement to incorporate two types of action mode and make them configurable in such a way they don't contradict each other.


- To fix the example above, have it set to ..."On message arrival" AND "On interval 10min" ..with the condition (if alarm =alive) or whatever condition works best.

- Implement "If" statements within an AO so if the alarm matches a matching criteria and "IF" alarm = *** ..etc


Although most of these could be made into custom scripts, it would be more convenient and innovative for customers to have 'script like' mechanism within NAS out of box. Merging custom scripts as part of NAS AO profiles


09-15-2015 06:41 PM

This is a great idea. In the right environment, it could cut down the number of profiles in NAS substantially and, in turn, improve performance.

08-25-2015 10:25 AM

A configuration similar to but the ability to do have multiple "ifs".