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Rewrite the SLM portlet in HTML5

Last activity 12-14-2018 04:57 AM
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06-27-2016 01:28 PM

There are painful, business impacting limitations with the SLM portlet due to it being written in Flash. Larger UIM installations can experience the web GUI for SLM crash often when trying to delete records or load large data tables in the web UI, making the UI effectively unusable in terms of managing data, and preventing the ability to delete or merge any data. It can occur that you have more rows than SLM can currently effectively handle. There are workarounds for some needs the SLM fails at in this circumstance, such as using MSSQL Management Studio to perform large deletes (that would crash the SLM portlet). And origin changes can be done manually with an UPDATE statement to S_QOS_DATA without harm, but for merging QoS, while there are scripts found in the communities to do it, there is no supported workaround.


Please update/rewrite the SLM portlet in HTML5 and make it more capable and robust.


12-14-2018 04:57 AM

It might be subject to change so just a FYI

I had a talk recently with Product Team person he has good understanding of Flash concern but HTML5 based USM does not seem to exist in current roadmap.

12-11-2018 11:27 PM

And now Chrome is refusing to load Flash. Need to run UMP/USM in other browsers, and who knows how long they will continue to support Flash?

10-03-2018 02:16 AM

This feature was requested in 2016 and its been 2 years there has been no update. too bad

07-26-2017 08:45 PM

This is for sure a very much needed change, Flash seriously needs to go from UMP

07-26-2017 10:59 AM

Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook Will Eliminate Flash | 


Whats the progress with removing all the Flash content out of the UMP's portal? 

11-17-2016 11:40 AM

All, great input! Please know that replacing the current Flash based SLM Portlet with an enhanced HTML5 based SLM Portlet is one of our top priorities for a future release. 



Chris Whitman

Senior Product Manager

10-19-2016 06:08 AM

Also still using the legacy GUI most of the time. The flash implementation of the legacy GUI did not really cover all the stuff you were able to do with the fatclient GUI.

With the legacy UI we were able to search on the results of a previous search if it was another attribute. This helped a lot reducing the output if it comes down to merge two qos data rows.

Regards Kurt

09-30-2016 05:27 AM

It should not only be rewritten to HTML5, also the usability should be improved! Totaly agree with Guillaume - the old fat GUI was much better. I keep talking to PM about it since 5 years - nothing happend so far.
My main problem is - to pick a metric if you have more then 10 in your system is nearly impossible, as there is no wildcart or any typing into the file allowed, only scroll down with 5 lines...



07-13-2016 12:54 PM


Well first of all you have to set report_engine fake address in data_engine raw setup as the client was used to setup report with legacy report_engine probe.

Then, once you try to log on, you may face the issue you described and to resolve that, you have to reset configuration in "User Preferences" tab.


07-08-2016 06:41 PM


I tried it on an 8.31 and could not get it to connect to the database, getting an error "No SLM Hub is responding at '<hostname>':48002, please try again..."
Any legacy component you have from 6.x days that might be needed, or any other ideas?


07-01-2016 07:33 PM



it still works on 8.4 sp1

You just need to add keys in your data_engine probe configuration.



07-01-2016 02:50 PM


What version of UIM are you on, that it still works on?



06-30-2016 08:32 AM


Ask support for it...if they can provide it to you

Rich Client has been deprecated since version 6

06-30-2016 08:29 AM

Thanks for replying!


Since i cannot find the download anywhere, i take it it was release prior to version 8.

to bad.


thanks again,


Best regards,


06-30-2016 07:50 AM



I refer to the legacy nimsoft SLM Rich Client that still works !!



06-30-2016 05:07 AM

Just out of curiosity, Guillaume, which rich client are you refering to?

06-29-2016 04:26 AM


Personally i stopped using this messy portlet.

I keep using the rich client that is cleary more efficient.