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Review and Revise Script for PIM 12.8SP1

Last activity 12-17-2016 10:55 AM
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06-07-2016 03:46 PM

This idea is based on the following advice received from CA PIM Engineering and will serve as a way of tracking the progress of the features being worked on. The original issue for this was opened because it was believed that the script needed to be revised to complete the removal of an agent and report on the removal accurately:


The CA Sustaining Kernel Engineer has provided the following information concerning the unloading of the CM seos kernel module:


Currently there is no way to unload SEOS kernel module until all threads that are running in the SEOS kernel context exit. We have provided "secons -sc" and "secons -scl" to help customers identifying these processes. Customers need to manually stop or restart these processes before unloading SEOS kernel module. That is the only workaround.


We are working on a new feature for the future release. This feature allows to apply a new kernel module without unloading the previous one. There are however some subtle differences between platforms. This new feature will support Linux, Solaris and AIX. For Linux and Solaris, users can upgrade from pre-kernel module to the new release one without unloading the previous kernel module. For AIX, it still requires pre-kernel module to be unloaded before installing. HP-UX is currently not support and there is no plan for it at the moment.


It is also important to understand this. This feature only supports upgrade or patch application. We may investigate the possibility of forcing un-installation but it is not in the current plan.


Please remember that this is still being developed so things can change.