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DAR: Expand Admin LMP Licensing Keys to also reflect the corresponding CA product name & option

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12-05-2018 03:12 PM

Please consider expanding the LMP Licensing Keys page under Administrator such that either the line is expanded to include the CA product name & option, or add a second line as a comment either after each LMP key or after all of the keys that gives the customer a cross preference between the PROD code and the actual CA product name & option in which it represents.


This would be quite helpful when a client copies all of this info into their CAS9 KEYS dataset they can easily see the PROD code and related Name.


12-05-2018 03:56 PM


This is a great idea and I hope it will get implemented.  


In the meantime, LMP keys are now being delivered via an LMP Key Report.  It's an excel spreadsheet which contains product names & codes, contract number, machine details, site ID, etc. per key line item.


If you would like to request your LMP key report, please contact our Customer Care Team.


Kind Regards,

Maylind Espada