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Product Download Page Needs to be more user friendly

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07-15-2020 10:46 AM

Product Download Page Needs to be more user friendly

I note a few user frustrations using the Product Download Page for DE Workload Automation, 

  1. It defaults to 11.3 version and not the latest version, so I have to keep changing it up to 12 or 12.2.   Very frustrating and can lead to downloading and installing an old version.   Not desirable.
  2. On FTP download or into Cart, the items are placed there as an Order Number, no details to the product within it.
  3. No mapping of Order Number to Product, so can't even trace it back.
  4. No document to indicate what the products are.  Differences between System Agent and other Agent downloads. 
  5. No mention of what the acronyms mean FOC?  I can only assume this is "Free of Charge" then.   Or other abbreviations?
  6. Many of the ISO downloaded are the same across different named products, therefore are we being charged for the same product, just different name?   Yes that may be ok from a Corporate perspective, but if's one product just have one download perhaps (Keep it Simple).

I'm trying to perform a clean install of DE Series for 12.2 and trying to download the products and know what is what when I come to run the install is pretty hard to follow as not all ISO or DVD are named with any great format, you could be installing completely the wrong product.   I see some versioning in some ISO or DVD like 1220, but this is limited.

Please review the download site from a novice perspective.



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Thank you for your feedback. I will forward it to the team.

-Ravi Kiran