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Turn On/Off Threshold Profile Alert Event Forwarding To Spectrum Per Profile

Last activity 10-18-2017 07:18 AM
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09-05-2017 08:46 AM

As an MSP we have many large customers all with different requirements some require threshold alerting to be forwarded to Spectrum for certain Profiles and not for others.


We have the need to be able to Turn On/Off Threshold Profile Alert Event Forwarding To Spectrum Per Profile


The feature to have a check box in the Threshold profile to forward the alerts to Spectrum would be welcomed


It would be possible to filter these alerts in Spectrum BUT having this amount of alerts being forwarded puts Spectrum under additional unneeded strain.


10-18-2017 07:18 AM

Hi Matthew,


More the second point.


CAPMs supported enable/disable an individual Threshold Profiles disables any alerting.


The need to be able to show selected threshold violations in CAPM only and not in Spectrum for certain thresholds,  as these are not required to be actioned by Spectrum/NOC.


This is all focused around the different support services being offered to customers, reporting on threshold violation or reacting to violations through spectrum.


Being able to control from CAPM fully is more efficient than adding another step to filter the alerts in spectrum to prevent actions being taken.


- Bal

10-16-2017 05:00 PM

Hello baljit-bansal,


CAPM currently supports the ability to enable/disable an individual Threshold Profile.  Can you further explain the use case for leaving the Threshold Profile enabled in CAPM, but filtering it's events from going to Spectrum?

  • Is this a performance/scale concern with the PM-Spectrum integration?  If so, I'd prefer the address this head on architecturally.
  • Is there a workflow where PM users a separate from Spectrum users?  If so, this seems to be at odds with our NetOps vision that will bring these products closer together over time to form a single solution.