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Fixed Y axis from 0 to 100% in Portal & Analyst

Last activity 10-09-2018 06:49 AM
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10-09-2018 06:49 AM



We're using the rich client for many years and the graph asked 90% of times is the CPU % (system/user/wait) and MEM % (main/swap) on 24h period. Sometimes, after a code/hardware/OS upgrade, a side by side graph with current period & week -1.


I'm on the way to provide users with Portal and/or Analyst access in order to let them generate their own graphs. But so far I've not been able to set the Y axis (%) to a fixed scale of 100.00 as it is the case in the rich client (Chart Style -> Y axis limit values -> Set to 100.00).


With the actual dynamic scaling, there's not obvious difference between a 40% usage and a 80% usage as the graphs just look the same ... I can not propose this """"useless"""" graphs to users as the 1st thing they will request is the fixed scale for % axis because they're used to get this type of graphs from us (and I don't want to provide Rich Client access to anyone for obvious reason).


Could it be possible to implement an option to fix the Y axis on graphs/reports/dashboards ?


Thanks a lot in advance,


Olivier Giraud