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Enable Logstash appender for Logback in AWI

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09-16-2019 03:18 AM

It would be ideal if out-of-the box, the AWI supported redirecting logging output to a Logstash server, whence AWI logs be accessed via Kibana. This would be particularly useful in environments where the Automic Web Interface (AWI) is run in a Cloud Foundry-based app cloud.

There is a Logstash Logback Encoder that could be included with the AWI. Then, enabling logging output to the Logstash would be a simple as replacing the RollingFileAppender section in the AWI’s logback.xml with a corresponding LogstashTcpSocketAppender section.

This idea originates in the discussion AWI: Logstash appender for Logback.


20 days ago

@Kaj Wierda: That sounds like part of the larger long-term effort to make the AE container-ready. Any chance we could get this short-term fix too?

28 days ago

As part of our efforts to change Automic Automation into a Microservices Architecture, we align with the standard method of logging to STDOUT / STDERR. This way, logging is no longer tied to a specific framework, but rather generic and can be managed at the container or container orchestrator level (including Cloud Foundry) instead.
For example see and (the rather dated)