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Multiple selection in Workflow editor

Last activity 05-29-2019 06:52 PM
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07-09-2018 11:21 AM

In the Java User Interface (JUI), one can select multiple tasks within a workflow and then perform any of a limited subset of operations (Copy, Remove) on all of the selected tasks. The AWI should offer this capability too.


This idea originates in this discussion by @GJG:

When editing a workflow, is there a way to select multiple job objects for deletion?


This idea is included in the list of Java UI features that are missing from AWI v12.1.


12-06-2018 04:08 AM

Here is a similar (but more specialized) idea that already has more votes:
#FOKUS - AWI it's not possible to move serveral Objects in a workflow

07-11-2018 11:40 AM

Thanks all, I was trying it through AWI only. 

07-10-2018 03:01 AM

Agree ! :-)