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Make Level/Version/Variant Info visible from Action Diagram Editor

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04-22-2015 04:36 PM

We use Levels and Versions heavily in our Plex models. We need to be able to see this information from the action diagram editor (similar to how you can toggle to see the Change Date for each action diagram statement).  We can see this information for one line of code or construct using the right click option, but we need to see this information for all statements at one time (and possibly filter for code at a specific level).  Without being able to easily see this information, it is difficult to use this Levels and Versions in our Plex models.  If you could add this to a future release of Plex, we would much appreciate it.


Roger Griffith, Eaglesun Systems Products


04-23-2015 12:02 PM



Thanks so much George for you input on this matter.  I appreciate your expertise and input.  Once we have had a chance to evaluate our options, we will proceed with a plan that allows us to gather this information out of Plex as efficiently as possible.  I will get back to you on what we decide, once I have had a chance to discuss the matter further with my team.


Thanks again!



04-23-2015 04:00 AM

Remember you take model 'snap shots'


Export the whole Model

Export a selected object in the object browser

Export multiple objects in the obejct browser (restict object browser to all of them and there you go you have exported all the panel large properties)


Some one could use the export DTD and export model file and create a report of differences....

04-23-2015 02:27 AM

this should help for the action diagrams and panels (but not triples)  Export Large Properties - Stella Tools (CA Plex Developer Tools)


Be sure to read the links on the page

Keep and archive of your action diagrams

Comparing two levels





Be sure to vote up Model API - Extend Environment Methods  which would allow us to automate the process easier with out using some scripting langauage like AutoIt - AutoIt to mimic a user changing the config manually..