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Improve Setup rsp.xml for MCS

Last activity 05-29-2019 05:32 PM
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02-12-2019 02:54 PM

The setup rsp template for MCS limits the number of Exclude events, Include events, and services that can be monitored. I updated the template to permit 500 max profiles; however, the way the rsp stores services has them appear as follows:


active = yes
qos_state = yes
time_cycle = 5
average_last = 4
level = 4
msgtoken = State
active = yes
threshold = Running
description =
os_hint =
time_interval = 1 min
template = Citrix
instance_template = Citrix
<Citrix Audio Redirection Service>
service_name = Citrix Audio Redirection Service
template = Citrix
</Citrix Audio Redirection Service>
<Citrix End User Experiencing Monitoring>
service_name = Citrix End User Experiencing Monitoring
template = Citrix
</Citrix End User Experiencing Monitoring>

I can deal with having the same threshold, severity, alarm state, and qos state (though it would be nice if separate templates could be created for more granularity). Until/unless that can happen though, it would be extremely useful if windows services had its own child template. The main template would be these settings:

windows services rsp idea

Note that the service name isn't listed. Then the child from this would be a profile for each service to monitor:

service to monitor


This would result in another child here:

setup rsp child windows services