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Contextual menus for objects & tasks

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04-13-2018 04:36 PM

In the Java User Interface, anywhere an object name appears one can right-click on the object name to display a contextual menu with actions relevant to that object. E.g., right click on the name of a LOGIN object when editing a job, and you will see the same contextual menu that you would see if you right-clicked on that LOGIN object in the Explorer view. This is particularly useful when working with objects that are dependent on other objects. This makes it possible to to edit selected objects (e.g, a login object used by a job) in place with a simple click of the right mouse button, rather than having to hunt down the object in its original location. This is a huge time-saver. The Automic Web Interface should have equivalent or superior capability.


 The AWI should also offer similar capability for tasks. Everywhere a unique task run ID appears, it should be possible to right-click on the ID to display a menu of actions relevant to the activity and/or statistical record for the task.


Legacy enhancement request ID: PMPER-1729, opened October 2016.


This idea is included in the list of Java UI features that are missing from AWI.