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UCM is the only product that doesn't contain graphics in the PDFs when using SSL

Last activity 06-27-2017 07:42 AM
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10-31-2014 12:03 PM

I've enabled SSL on UCM (3.7) console, when I want to print a report the graphics are not visible in the PDF (red cross).

I've had the same issue with NFA reports after enabling SSL with CA-certificates, for NFA the workaround that works is the use of selfsigned server certificates.

For UCM I'am now also using a selfsigned server certificate, but the PDF convertor (used for printing / emailing) reports is not working in SSL mode.
I've created a case for this, this is the answer from the CA support engineer:


My research into this problem seems to indicate that the print facility is not available in UCM.


I found this engineering task - Ref 297398. Which I believe was raised (in

March) as a question for future appraisal by engineering/PM to look into.


'UCM is the only product that doesn't contain graphics in the PDFs when using SSL.'


That task has not been updated since March this year.

And we do not have an ETA on when this will be reviewed.


Please fix this issue so we can use the PDF convertor in SSL mode for UCM!


Update on 27 June 2017:

We have the same issue in NFA with original SSL certificates, because selfsigned certifcates are not allowed by our Security Policy.

Please modify the UCM software so HTTPS configuration with original SSL certificates are possible and no connection is needed by the PDF convertor to the Certifcate Server.


Note: the PDF convertor used in CA Performance Center works fine without external connections!