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Make the logging options Consistent between run time environments

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07-28-2015 08:18 PM

I think that the log options added to the .NET app server & Console app should be available in the obrun (stand alone) runtime for .NET - there are many processes that are written than cannot take advantage of this - so we have to create a separate log file/event log - that causes application administrators grief as they some times have to look in 1 or two places


this should also include an option to specify the log file location


06-16-2016 02:08 PM

The Business reason is consistency across applications. We have many architectures deployed across the group and even more across the enterprise - Java/Web/perl/RPG/.NET ASP etc...

When trying to suggest Plex as a solution for other SOA opportunities including Service jobs that run as part of schedulers that contain business logic, many applications write log files for audit purposes as well as application tracing/recovery


if I develop a plex app using WinC++ and ODBC - we have 1 way of logging (without had coding the logging options) - if I try to move forward and use .NET C# - we have 2 ways and that varies depending if I am using .NET - direct to ODBC (sometimes deployed in citrix for performance)  or using the App server

I am trying to substantiate a solution using the Plex app server for a longer term solution - but am getting pushback from our enterprise architects as the logging isn't consistent. and in the past we have had to have 2 levels of logging that we have had to hand write as the tool logging is limited


The pure business reason is limited - but the business acceptance of the tool (which is hard enough as it is)  is for consistent ways of the tool working..


I cant imagine it is a huge task to make the logging section consistent - as it is already there in the plex runtime code somewhere - so this is just another example of further enhancements..


the business risk is that we lose 'approval' to use the tool over something to aid transparency of the apps we develop and therefore plex is history..


I realize there are many other enhancements on the list - (would be great to see what they all are) but if .NET c# is a way forward - it has to play nice with other enterprise applications and the teams that monitor and support them.

06-16-2016 01:41 PM

Wayne, it would help our Product Manager, Steve Solomon, if you could let us know the business need for this Plex enhancement. You mentioned the paucity of logging options cause Application admins grief. Is having to look in 1 or 2 places causing them a significant loss of productivity? Clearly there is a qualitative impact on App Admins work, but if you could quantify the impact that the lack of logging options has on them somehow that might help Mr. Solomon prioritize this request appropriately.

07-29-2015 03:43 AM

The CA Plex .NET Management Console let's you configure the log settings for the PlexGenericRuntime. But at runtime the settings are not picked up. Class ObRun.ObMain.ObApplicationUser just writes to the console. We should not drop the option to write to the console (some automation frameworks might want to read messages from there etc.) . There should be an option to log to console in addition. LogType (FlatText, EventViewer, Console).