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AWI: Highlight tabs (bold text) if values differ from default (i.E. promptsets are attached)

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03-25-2020 02:57 AM

If you open an object, you need to click through all tabs to see whether the job has a preprocess, an attached promptset or other settings that differ from the default.

It would be a great benefit if differences are highlighted on the left-handed tabs by - i.e. - making the text bold. You would see on the first sight in what tabs you would need to look to understand the object completely.

What's the "default":
If an object is exported into JSON, only differences are stored within that JSON. So I guess there is something like a "default" object. So basically highlights could be done down to the single setting that does differ from the default and not only the category.


4 days ago

This would be especially helpful for the Process tabs! E.g. a asterisk on the left side panel could indicate that the process tab is not empty