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Increase maximum size of XML exports/imports from 30 MB to at least 100 MB

Last activity 06-13-2019 09:29 AM
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04-13-2018 04:40 PM

The maximum size of XML file imports is limited to 30 MB. (This can be further limited using the MAX_IMPORT_SIZE system setting.)

The maximum size should be increased, preferably to at least 100 MB. Failing that, an automated mechanism for splitting XML exports into multiple files should be provided.


04-26-2018 08:58 AM

My previous comment has disapeared, so inserting it again.


Suggestion :


- Create an export feature/tool that enable to split export file in pre-defined or prompted maximum size for the export sub-files. This is a common feature for compressing tools (zip, 7zip, ...).

Of course the sub-files should contain only full definitions and not a truncated one so it will be possible to import the sub-files one by one independently.


Options  :


- a MAX_EXPORT_FILE_SIZE setting could be used to restrict maximum single file size if needed. Default and maximum value = MAX_IMPORT_SIZE or if both not defined, max value = 100 Mb

This on top of the MAX_EXPORT_COUNT that should be kept for limiting potential issue in memory use, 0 value equal unlimited number of objects. MAX_EXPORT_FILE_SIZE will be used in that case (see default values suggested above)


- a MAX_EXPORT_SPLIT_FILE_SIZE setting could also be used to indicate the maximum size of a splitted file, if the feature to split export file is used. Default and maximum value = MAX_IMPORT_SIZE or if not defined, max value = 100 Mb.


- If trying to export a single file bigger than MAX_EXPORT_SIZE, prompt for a splitted file instead could be activated with request to provide a value for splitted file size. If value provided is above MAX_EXPORT_SPLIT_FILE_SIZE then either 1) request new value with warning message or 2 ) use default value for it or 3) reject command with error.


Target :


- enable to export any number of objects if needed, with some restrictions eventually.

- enable a possible relaod of multiple small files independently (performance) for mass update i.e.

- enable a possible load of a few big files (slower) for loading a full large application in a single logical set of object i.e.


Hope this can help to get a real functional export funtion that enables export/import of large number of objects and less manual operations to fit a number of definitions in a file size ...... or is it the reverse ?