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Communications - Detect and Surface CCI Connection Failures

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07-01-2015 09:22 AM

We use CCI for our OPS/MVS to Automation Point MSF connections. 

There are times that the CCI connection to AP is lost and you see a DISCONNECTED message in the CCITCPGW started task log..

When the CCI connection to AP drops, and you look at the OPS/MVS MSF panels, the MSF connection to Automation Point still shows ACTIVE (I would expect it to be INACTIVE or another state).  Because it is ACTIVE, if you enter an ADDRESS AP command from OPS/MVS, you get a RC=0 – which should not be.


I have proposed that when the CCI connection is disconnected, OPS/MVS should automatically flip the status of the AP MSF connection to INACTIVE so that the ADDRESS AP gives a bad return code.   We have lost messages we have tried to send down from OPS/MVS to AP because of this.  We have set up message rules to help us detect this condition, but think this should be handled internally to OPS/MVS.


There is a Story open that relates to this.. (B-62886 Detect CCI failures automatically)


09-09-2015 03:43 PM

Thanks for the OPS/MVS / AP enhancement idea.  It is being tracked via CA OPS/MVS backlog story:

US99823 - MSF - Detect and Surface CCI Connection Failures