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Certify webagent 12.5 cr04 64-bit for OpenJDK

Last activity 12-17-2016 09:37 AM
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06-17-2015 11:38 AM



In order to facilitate integration of ePaaS openshift with SiteMinder(CA single sign on), we are using webagent(ca-wa-12.5-cr04-rhas64-64.bin) for apache 2.2(64 bit), RHEL6(64-bit). ePaaS team plans to use OpenJDK instead of Oracle JRE.


Please certify webagent(ca-wa-12.5-cr04-rhas64-64.bin) with OpenJDK


09-29-2015 05:21 AM

Hi Vani, no new certifications are planned on versions for which End Of Service has been announced.

07-01-2015 11:35 AM



Please let me know if there is an update to this idea and any work has been started in this direction