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Change Dashboard Permissions

Last activity 10-16-2017 03:56 PM
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09-13-2017 08:17 AM

I find the permissions for the dashboards very confusing for the end-user!!!!


  1. A User can Create a Dashboard in the "public" area. With "public" I mean the Dashboard Menus not the "My Dashboard". But this only visible to him salve. This is confusing my colleges because they expect this is for everyone. There is also no information about this for the user! He can't find out if he creates the Dashboard or someone else. A simple lock icon can help.
  2. Only user with the privilege "Administer Shared Dashboards" should have the privilege to change Dashboards in the "public" area. And only this group of users has the permission to change these Dashboards.
  3. Changes to Dashboards should always apply to everyone. A "normal" user (user without privilege "Administer Shared Dashboards") should not have the privileges to change this for themselves. If he needs some special settings he should ask the Dashboard owner or create a copy to "My Dashboards".
  4. At the moment: A User can change views in a Dashboard (a Dashboard in the public area and not created by his own) and can save this to "My User Account". Why?
    So user 1 creates a Dashboard. User 2 change View 1 in the Dashboard and save this with "My User Account". After this, user 1 changed view 1 and save this "For all Tenant User". And now? User 2 has not the possibility to see the change from user 1!! Also user 2 can't select "default settings" for this Dashboard.




10-16-2017 03:56 PM

These are good points, Karsten.  Let me discuss with the team.  We'll monitor votes and consider these points during future release planning exercises.