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Getting the Responses time in smacces.log

Last activity 11-07-2018 03:01 PM
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11-18-2016 10:13 AM

I am not sure if some one already raised an idea on this. Please ignore if some one already done this.

It would be great to monitor performance of SM policy server with out enabling trace.

If we can get the time taken to process that event in smaccess.log we can monitor that time with out enabling the trace.




11-07-2018 03:01 PM

Hi.  In reviewing the open ideas and reading this one, I wanted to point out a capability that may satisfy part of the need you expressed.   In CA SSO 12.52 SP1 CR5 or later there is an ability that allows an administrator to define a specific threshold for transactions and all transactions that take longer than the threshold will be logged to the smps.log ... this can be done without turning on trace.  Search for ExecutionTimeThreshold in the CA SSO product docs.

12-12-2016 05:17 PM

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