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Adding CRC error/discards(pkts) under Interface metric family

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06-20-2019 08:21 AM

While i was testing in ca PM-There in no metric, CRC errors/discards(pkts) under metric family Interface in PM. We could see that CRC errors/discards(pkts ) metric is available for metric family under Alternate Interface. I Tried creating monitoring profile for alternate interface and I have applied to a group.

I found that the total number of interfaces are same under both the Metric families(Interfaces and Alternate Interface), except few additional device components are there under Alternate interface.

So its like keeping the same interface/device component twice which will increase the total number of polled items which will affect the performance of Performance Center. 

Is it possible to add the metric CRC errors/discards(pkts) under Interface Metric Family , so that we can keep single set of interface instead of keeping both.