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DX Spectrum - Add exclusion of MAC Addresses for Discovery Console (Advanced Options)

Last activity 12-18-2019 04:59 AM
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12-11-2019 11:47 AM


for Spectrum, a Device MAC should be unique. Sometimes, interfaces of a device could potentially have more than MAC configured. In that case, if two devices have the same MAC configured at the interface level and the Discovery Profile contains both devices, only one of them will be discovered.

Creating different profiles with each of the devices on each profile will solve this problem.

However, when using Network ranges (when it is not clear what IP's are going to be discovered and modeled), we do not have that possibility.

It would be good to include onto the Advanced options of the Discovery Profile to include a MAC Exclusion List as we have in for the IP's or a Filter Interfaces by Ranges when Discovering.



12-18-2019 04:59 AM

Agree with @Ludovic Felten, a simple check should be enough to bypass this setback 

Also, talking with @Todd Kornely​, ​the Discovery process should not be that aggressive when there are two devices (different IP) sharing the same MAC (ath the interface level).

12-11-2019 03:01 PM

Or why not add a checkbox to release this unique MAC constraint?
Just the same as we used to enforce the discovery IP to be found the IP Address table of the device, until a checkbox was added to allow bypassing this check.