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Thread Dump – MaxStackElements

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05-31-2016 04:15 PM

Hi folks,

according to the doco:

  1. introscope.agent.threaddump.MaxStackElements

The total number of lines in the thread stack trace determines the size of a CA Introscope thread dump. This property sets the number of lines allowed in the thread stack.

Property settings

Integer greater than 0 and no greater than 25,000




  1. introscope.agent.threaddump.MaxStackElements=12000


Restart the managed application so that changes to this property can take effect.


The current version of the agent is

It was performed the procedure mentioned above to the version that was also informed. but the error still continues.

Added the line introscope.agent.threaddump.MaxStackElements=100000

Currently the thread dump size is restricted based on introscope.agent.threaddump.MaxStackElements


This can take value upto 25000 and if dump is bigger than that it gives error message popup and action is aborted.

Error message: Thread dump is huge size: 127,285. The total Stack trace exceeded maximum allowed size of 100,000.

The ideal was that when the limit is reached APM not abort the operation and coletasse dump thread to the limit point (100,000).


06-03-2016 12:25 AM

i guess the doc should be updated and the topic was now in the community a few times:

To increase the maximum stack elements in thread dump

Trunacted Thread Dump Issue

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and as mentioned in a earlier thread: maybe a other way of limitation should be found?

- Amount of dumps in memory?

- Dumps per minute?

As the limitation in place to avoid big memory consumption. In the end a thread dump is only ever useful if its a complete dump, a incomplete thread dump is more or less useless as you never know what part might be missing.

06-01-2016 06:01 AM



The 100.000 hard limit has been put in place in order to preserve the memory impact of the Agent on your application. We'll look at whether we need to consider raising it again and if it is safe to do so.