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SiteMinder Enhanced Session Assurance (aka "DeviceDNA") with SSO Zones

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12-03-2019 06:58 AM

SiteMinder Enhanced Session Assurance is supported only for the default SSO Zone (i.e. the "SM" zone)

Idea is to have this feature extended, to be used also with arbitrary SSO Zones (feature already used by many customers to partition their environments)

We have at least 2 different use cases for SSO Zones, where customer has requested to add DeviceDNA:

  • Enable clients to use different Siteminder environements in parallel, without overwriting the SMSESSION cookie (e.g. DEV/TEST/PROD with the same 2nd level domain).In this case, all Access Gateways in an environment will share the same, non-default Zone name. This is the simplier use case to implement (imho)
  • Set a dedicated SSO session for a specific application (e.g. APP1/APP2/APP3 etc.)

Of course full support is more desirable

Thank you in advance for any feedback
Enrico B.