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Tag metric in Response Test metric not available, would like to have it in future version of IM 2.X

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05-18-2016 09:57 PM

Hi all,


Tag metric in Response Test metric not available, would like to have it in future version of IM 2.X


This Tag for IPSLA’s ICMP metric is supported by CA.


But it is not in the out of box variables for Metric Family ResponsePath Test ICMP’s Metric Value.


Customer would like this to be shown in the Metric Family ResponsePath Test ICMP’s Metric Value,so that they can use the Tag metric in the dashboard, currently there is no Tag option in Metric list.


Customer understand that if through the self certification, it can be done, but it is too hard for them.


See screen captures below.






Thanks,  Yitao


04-18-2018 07:37 PM

baljit-bansal could you share the result here? 

04-18-2018 04:08 AM

use the steps covered in this link to achieve what you need - we have this working fine in 3.5


IPSLA Tests 

04-18-2018 01:07 AM

Until now  lastest version CAPM 3.5 still stuck with TAG. Very confused spoke to CA for enhance this request. 

11-09-2017 11:35 PM

i think the problem is not clear until now because their inability. i mean CA technologies R&D not concern on this problem. Cacti,infovista and other product already clear for it, but CA technologies still stuck 


#very unfortunate

04-11-2017 01:27 PM

We have thousand and thousand of router and we need this Enhancement.

10-18-2016 04:39 PM

I opened a support case asking for help on how to enable the Tag column for Response Path tables, and was directed here.  Bump time.  Any comments from CA or anyone else?  #ER #enhnacement

09-29-2016 04:18 PM

Weekly bump time.  Looking for a response here as this is something that's incredibly important to us.  Thanks.

09-21-2016 02:33 PM

Any feedback for this one?  Seeing the list of IPSLA tests on a device using the Tag metric as the name is something that our engineers are incredibly dependent on.  This is what they did when using NetVoyant and are also doing with other tools.  Really need to have this used as the name for tests by default in PM.  Thanks.

09-14-2016 04:46 PM

Another vote and bump for this one.  I just added 2200+ routers in to PM, all of which have multiple IPSLA tests configured.  The Name column in the Top Response Tests - ICMP for Device (Table) view isn't really usable in its current form.  It would be much more human-readable if the Tag value for the test was listed instead.  Any chance we can either get this changed or at least give us the option to choose which value to use for the test names in that view?  Thanks.