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Support FSS admin UI on IBM HTTP server

Last activity 12-17-2016 09:15 AM
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07-11-2016 03:50 AM



We have been using SiteMinder applet admin (FSS admin UI) since version 4.x and even after upgraded to 12.51, we still have rarely used the WAM UI. For daily administration of over 500 policies and rules, we rely only on the FSS admin UI which is much faster and simpler.


In short, the FSS admin UI is very important to us. Currently, we are using iPlanet web but it is discontinued such that there will be no new version after 7.0. Therefore, we have to plan to upgrade to new web server and are glad to learn than IBM HTTP server (IHS) 8.0 was supported for FSS admin in 12.52 fix pack.  Nevertheless, we are planning to upgrade to IHS 8.5.5 or 9.0 and so would like to know if CA would also certify these new version of IHS. In fact, we would very much like you to consider to include IHS in the roadmap for FSS admin UI support. It is because after Oracle obsolete iPlanet web, there will be no commercial web on your list and IHS is definitely a good choice to replace iPlanet web.


Thank you for your attentions.


07-29-2016 04:12 PM

We are moving forward with plans to deprecate the FSS UI in a future release, so are not considering additional support requests. If you have specific challenges with using the WAM UI as a replacement, we would like to hear them. We are requesting feedback that will help us transition users like yourself away from the FSS UI.