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Export paths to XML or JSON using template

Last activity 05-09-2019 03:43 AM
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05-06-2019 10:51 AM

Exporting paths/test cases to XML relies on the automation snippets for generating a rich asset which could be used externally.

Many Quality Management solutions focus now on providing APIs for loading data/entities and having the need of using snippets determines an additional effort and complexity for creating valid/well formed XML files.

Having the additional effort as a template which could be reused would make the integration to newer releases (either via XML or JSON) of Quality Management solutions easier.

Excel based integrations are less and less used/recommended by the Quality Management vendors.






05-09-2019 03:43 AM

Hi Fernando, 

Thanks for the idea, we are planning to build Plugin framework for Exporting data as well as to have public API for that purpose. We are also going to provide some example plugins for data export. We will start with exporting of tests and follow with exporting a model. Once we are done with this, anyone will be able to write custom plugin to export to any format he wants.