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Installing APM Database localization problem

Last activity 09-12-2016 10:32 PM
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08-08-2016 08:35 PM

Installing APM Database for Windows with the language as Korean or Chinese or Japanese,
install_db.log always contains garbled characters (they are originally multi byte characters).
I had contacted the support to fix this. But they told me "It won't be fixed because the impact is very small." <- under discussion.
So, I'm posting here.
Incidentally, during installing, the characters are still not garbled.
In the timing of finishing installing, they will be garbled. That's odd.
I want you to fix it.


09-12-2016 10:32 PM

Dear Ruth Wunderle

Hello. Thank you for responding. The problem has been left for years.

So, I'm glad the problem is being moved toward resolution.
I hope the result would be great.

Thank you and best regards,

09-12-2016 04:10 AM

Hello Takashi-san, we have raised this again for a fresh review and better solution in an upcoming release. This is being tracked internally with User Story reference US218581. When we know more, we'll keep you informed.