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Change owner of Scheduled E-mails

Last activity 11-13-2017 02:50 PM
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11-13-2017 02:50 PM

Here is my pain point: We are asked all of the time to add people to CA Perf Ctr reports who are not users in CA PFC so what do I do when a team member's user account is deleted and all of those scheduled e-mail reports they setup get deleted automatically?


  • Can you give me an option to change the owner to me (an administrator) or someone else so I can migrate them the day they give notice (going to another department, leaving the company, etc.) or a few days before they leave?
  • When an account is deleted, can the Scheduled E-mail section be updated so any reports they have go dormant (change Enabled yes to Enabled no?) and change their owner to the string deleted, so I can retain it then find it when I need it, so I can recover the report parameters, the other recipients, assign it back to me to get it running again, etc.
  • Can I create a report ID and assign the reports to that account so they are never deleted by accident, only intentionally?


Please help me avoid losing reports - we've lose 2 people in the last 18 months and I've had to recreate 10+ reports / scheduled e-mails under my name. What happens if I get promoted and / or go to another position?  They'll get deleted and the next person will have the same problem - we lose every report I created for anyone. And, before you ask, I'm often asked to setup e-mail reports to people on in the CA Perf Center product, so this list (and problem) is bound to grow as our company grows.


Thank you for your opinions on this problem,