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What You May Have Missed in the CA Mainframe Security Community (May 2017) 

06-07-2017 12:37 PM

This is a busy community -- it's easy to miss something that you might find important or valuable.


That's why I put together "What You May Have Missed" -- a quick way to see some of the most interesting community content and activity from the previous month -- including events, replays, videos, ideas and questions.


Not seeing something here that you'd like me to add? Just let me know!


Product Announcements & Updates
CA Data Content Discovery 2.0 IR6 Is Now Available 


Recent Webcast Replays 
[REPLAY] No-Fail Friday: Hide and Seek with CA Data Content Discovery 


Popular Recently Answered Questions
USER=x without TSO and BATCH? 
We have a user (another vendor) who has been using a non-expiring userid (which has the RESTRICT privilege) to create some scripts for us. Now when he incorporates that userid to logon to our CICS region, he gets prompted for a password, but if he enters  
Can REXX invoke TSSSIM? (or) Where does TSSSIM find the commands I enter? 



New Ideas -- Please Comment & Vote

Password not masked in the C1 dump file 
Top Secret MSG ID Status Information 
Allow ROLE as Input To CA ACF2 Reports 


ICYMI: Other Great Community Content

How to Ask Better Questions in the CA Communities 
CA World '17: Call for Speakers Now Open! 

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