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How to get your product certification signature logo 

Dec 13, 2017 02:48 PM


You will receive the following email from once you have successfully completed your certification:


Instruction / Steps

1.To access your certification logo, please log into

2.Hover over Education and training

3.Log into the "Training portal"

4.Select “My Learning Dashboard”


5.Select "Training Schedule"


6. Select “Completed”

7. To the far right, you will see “Review”


8.Select "Start", You will then be able to download or save attachments as a zip file with the certification logo.


9.The zip file will appear on the bottom left of the pop-up screen.


10.The JPEG file is the certification logo


11.The following guidelines explain how the certification logos are to be used.




If you have any issues downloading the certification logo please feel free to reach out to the Customer Care team and open a case with the Education team.


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