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CA Tuesday Tip: Interpreting the CA InterTest for CICS error codes assigned to an Automatic Breakpoint or INTE abend. 

06-24-2014 04:57 PM

When CA InterTest encounters a monitoring exception within an application program, it will either stop program execution and display an Automatic Breakpoint (ABP) or abend the task with an INTE abend if the ABP cannot be displayed.  In either situation, the exception is assigned a two character error code.

Some of the more common error codes include:

     02 - Invalid Machine Instruction (S0C1)

     06 - Storage Violation

     2D - A program check within Intertest itself, contact Technical Support

     34 - Address Exception (S0C4)

     37 - Data Exception (S0C7)  

If program execution has been stopped by CA InterTest for CICS at an ABP, a CNTL=INQ will display the two character error code.  If within the source listing display,

simply enter the command on the command line.

If the task is abended with an INTE, CA InterTest for CICS will generate a transaction dump.  Included within the dump is an area of 24 bit user class storage called

the CA InterTest for CICS Diagnostic Area which is created for every monitored entity and lasts for the life of the monitored task.   The Diagnostic Area is easily

recognized because it begins and ends with the word "Intertest".  Within this storage, the error code is found at +2D and can be seen in the literals preceding the

phrase, INTE ABEND.     

The complete list of the CA InterTest for CICS error codes as well as a detailed description of the CA InterTest for CICS Diagnostic Area can be found in Appendix C, Examining Dumps of the CA InterTest for CICS r8.5 User Guide.   


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