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HTML Export of CA Mainframe VM Product Manager 1.2 Wiki

For those of you who wish to examine an HTML export of a documentation wiki, this is a ZIP file of the CA Mainframe VM Product Manager 1.2 wiki. I have included a date stamp in the file name, in the format yyyymmdd. I propose that this date stamp be a standard; I further propose than in case of...

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SSI Recommendations: CA VM:Tape

How have you implemented CA VM:Tape in an SSI environment? Below you will find a draft of our recommendations. Do they differ from your experience? Do you have any best practices? Is the information below helpful and adequate? Feel free to edit this document, adding information that...

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Cullinane Corporation hard cover Concepts + Facilities c. 1977

What a great document to have! Thanks to Diane Montstream for this contribution. I just hope she looks after the document - it may well be priceless! I wonder if Diane has considered putting it up for auction to finance her retirement? 8-)

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IDD 10.2 QR

I still use this, most useful IDD QR ever.

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OLQ 10.2

One of a few QR books made in this size format.