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CMMT/XOMT (Cross Memory Master Terminal and Extended Operations Master Terminal) is an external/internal monitor for IDMS which was put into the public domain (open sourced) by Neon systems after they acquired the product from Inner Access. The original open source file is posted here as CMMTALL...


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Old Aquisoft XOMT manual from release 3.14. Open sourced version had some of the figures flawed and everything is fine in this older manual. I got a note from a Progress Software (Neon went to Data Direct and then to Progress) support manager stating that I didn't need any special permission to...


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This is an update of the original open source version of CMMT/XOMT as released to the IDMS user community by Neon Systems.  It includes updates to support release 17 &18 (and some 16 fixes too) and also addresses some issues with the original assembly/install jobs. It is also...