Zowe Use Cases for Mainframe Modernization

When:  Nov 20, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (ET)

You are cordially invited to join Vicom Infinity and Broadcom on November 20, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET for an event that will cover how Broadcom’s Software portfolio can accelerate mainframe clients’ journey into
the hybrid multicloud environment.

Broadcom has worked extensively to integrate Zowe, APIs, and Container technologies into its portfolio and strategy enabling the mainframe for agile and aaS.

Goran Begic, Offering Manager, Broadcom
Alex Kim, Solutions Architect, Vicom Infinity  

Zowe is the most exciting innovation in the world of Mainframe today. It started as a collaboration among three major vendors in the Enterprise space — Broadcom, IBM, and Rocket Software. Since its introduction last year, other vendors and individual developers have joined the Linux Foundation Open Mainframe Zowe project as contributors.

In this presentation, Goran will introduce examples of Zowe adoption in the industry:

  1. Cloud-like experience for new generation of Mainframe developers achieved through Command Line Interface and integration oi z/OS commands with modern scripting languages like JavaScript, test and automation frameworks like Jest, or Mocha.JS and mainframe subsystems and applications like CA Endevor SCM.
  2. Extension of CI/CD Pipeline to z/OS. Zowe enables the integration of various tools into the CI/CD pipeline without requiring dedicated tool integrations and plugins. It allows DevOps teams to use the best tool for the job.
  1. Provisioning and ITOps automation. Automation is not an exclusive just to development. System provisioning, maintenance, and many other administrative tasks can be automated, or exposed as self-service. We’ll take a look at examples of automation of ITOps tasks using Zowe.
  2. Automation of Manual Processes. In this section of the presentation, Goran will introduce Zowe API Mediation Layer (microgateway) and we’ll take a look at how IBM Global Services utilizes Zowe API  Mediation Layer to build automation for z/OS workflows into the ServiceNow Portal.

Alex Kim will follow Goran to present VIVA, Vicom Infinity Voice Assistant, which leverages Zowe and enables you to securely command and engage with the IBM Z Mainframe simply with your voice.

Developed with maximum security in mind, VIVA stores all conversations with the IBM Z Mainframe on the IBM Hyper Protect Virtual Server (HPVS) protected by FIPS 140-2 Level 4 HSM device and using IBM Watson, the secure API Gateway for your Enterprise Applications, will enable most applications to be conversational.


Marist NYC Executive Center
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New York, NY

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