[WEBCAST] Intelligent Operations and Automation Solution Demo

When:  Aug 27, 2019 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  CA Vantage

Broadcom Inc. continues to bring innovation to the Mainframe Intelligent Operations and Automation market. Don't miss this solution demo to learn how your team can expedite detection and resolution of performance problems through deep-dive analytics, automated alerts and powerful predictive capabilities by employing advanced machine learning algorithms.

Join us on Tuesday, August 27 at 11 a.m. US ET to see What’s New with CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence Release 2.0.04 and CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence 2.0: 

CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence helps you proactively prevent problems and automate corrective action to reduce downtime, improve IT Ops team efficiency and address the mainframe skills gap

Anomaly Detection Refinement

With release 2.0.04 we have refined the CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence anomaly detection capabilities, introducing Alarm Episodes. Alarm Episodes continue an alarm instead of raising multiple alarms for the same metric during the particular period. Additionally, metrics received at 15-minute intervals or less, generate a severity 1 alarm only if the data point falls outside of the rare band two consecutive times. This anomaly detection enhancement reduces the volume of alarms and accuracy.

CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence 2.0  helps you better manage and utilize mainframe capacity helping you drive down Monthly License Charges (MLC).

Custom Groups for Container Pricing

Use DCI for real-time monitoring of IBM Test/Dev Pricing Containers and Tailored Fit Pricing for production environments. We will demonstrate how to configure DCI custom reporting to provide the full range of DCI reports specific to a Test/Dev Container. Reporting ensures that you keep track of MLC usage as well as OTC product usage limits.  We will also show how DCI reporting can deliver value to a system running the newly announced IBM Tailored Fit pricing model for monitoring and planning.  

IBM Tailored Fit Pricing and the future of DCI

IBM Tailored Fit Pricing and the future of DCI. IBM announced Tailored Fit pricing as an alternative to R4HA derived AWLC and CMLC. We take a look at the implications of the new pricing model, examine how can DCI add value even with a pricing model that does not use R4HA, and look at the factors when considering whether a move to Tailored Fit pricing. 

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