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z/OSMF workflows for Database Management Solutions for Db2

  • 1.  z/OSMF workflows for Database Management Solutions for Db2

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Nov 20, 2023 05:58 AM
    Edited by Tomaz Kranjc Nov 30, 2023 12:37 PM


    We are pleased to announce that we released a set of z/OSMF workflows that are meant to enhance your experience with the post-install configuration of Broadcom's Db2 Tools. This enhancement is provided in PTF LU11819.

    z/OSMF workflow is a framework that supports defining a guided flow (workflow) through steps to accomplish a system management or configuration task which can be automated later.

    z/OSMF workflows for Db2 Tools help z/OS system programmers and Db2 database administrators to automate the tailoring and generation of JCLs for the following post-install configuration tasks in a modern user interface. The use of z/OSMF workflows after SMP/E installation or maintenance significantly reduces the time that is required to perform the configuration of Database Management Solutions for Db2.

    Key benefits:

    • Simplified post-install configuration, as less steps are needed

    • Automation enablement (execute workflows from REST APIs, tailor the JCLs from a batch job)

    • Modern user interface

    • Less error prone, no need to enter the same variable value in multiple places

    • Execute several configuration tasks in one workflow

    • Possible to automatically update the Db2 levels in the SETUPxx parmlib member

    Note: The workflows and the sample properties files are located in the SMP/E target library hlq.CDBAXML. Modify a copy of the workflow properties file to customize and automate the workflow. Values from this file override the default values for the workflow variables.

    Workflow name and ID


    JCL member in  hlq.CDBAJCL

    Perform the post-install Bind (INSWF01)

    Tailors and executes the Bind Product Packages and Plans Db2 catalog customization task.


    Perform the post-install Bind with Auto Update (INSWF02)

    Tailors and executes the Bind Product Packages and Plans Db2 catalog customization task with the Auto Update* option.

    INSBSA02, INSSETU (Auto Update)

    Perform the post-install Compare, Create, and Bind (INSWF03)

    Tailors and executes the following Db2 catalog customization tasks:

    • Determine Db2 Object Sizes

    • Compare Db2 Objects

    • Create Required Db2 Objects

    • Bind Product Packages and Plans

    This workflow allows you to select the Auto Update* option. 

    INSBSA04, INSSETU (Auto Update)

    * The Auto Update option lets you automatically update the function level and catalog level of the Db2 subsystem in the SETUPxx member of the parmlib data set.

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