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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 22 days ago

    Nov 17th, 2023

    To:          SYSVIEW Performance Management Customers & Broadcom Mainframe Product Customers

    You are receiving this announcement because you have signed up for notifications for SYSVIEW or at least one other Broadcom Mainframe Software product. SYSVIEW offers an unlicensed configuration, SYSVIEW Essentials, that is available to all Broadcom Mainframe Software customers through Mainframe Essentials and this notification also applies to Mainframe Essentials.

    From:      The Broadcom SYSVIEW Product Team

    Subject:  SYSVIEW 17.0 Continuous Delivery Feature PTF General Availability Announcement

    On behalf of Broadcom, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide you with high-quality, innovative software and services.  As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success under the Continuous Delivery model, we are pleased to announce the General Availability (GA) of the following feature PTF:  

    SYSVIEW customers can now monitor WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Liberty servers running on z/OS with this PTF. The SYSVIEW Java Virtual Machine and Language Environment component is enhanced to support for monitoring WAS Liberty servers running on z/OS.

    A new video was published on YouTube titled "WAS Liberty Monitoring in SYSVIEW". This video contains an overview of WAS Liberty monitoring configuration and usage in SYSVIEW. The link to this video can also be found in the SYSVIEW TechDocs site under the "Using" section.        

    The PTF provides the following enhancements:                                                                                                      

    • Enhanced JVM Data Collector Agent

    The JVM data collector agent enhancement enables SYSVIEW users to view the WAS Liberty servers' data that are being monitored using new WLP commands. The JVM agent can be configured to monitor the WAS Liberty servers that users want to monitor.

    • New WAS Liberty Menu (MENU WLP)

    A new WAS Liberty menu presents users with an easy access to the new WLP commands.      

    • New WAS Liberty (WLP) Commands

    The new WLP commands will allow user to -

      • access a list of applications (WLPAPPS) that are running in WAS Liberty servers. Additionally, they can determine the status of the applications, view application performance statistics, and start, stop, and restart WAS Liberty applications.
      • view information about connection pools (WLPCONNP) that are used by WAS Liberty. Using the command, you can determine the usage of connection pools and it also allows you to purge connection pools.
      • obtain information about WAS Liberty server HTTP(S) and message-driven bean (MDB) message endpoints (WLPENDPT). Using the command, you determine the configuration of each endpoint, and you can pause or activate the endpoint.
      • retrieve a list of active WAS Liberty servers (WLPLIST). They can also determine the attributes about WAS Liberty servers via WLPLIST command.
      • view a list of servlets (WLPSERVL) that are active in WAS Liberty servers. Using the command, they can gauge the usage of each servlet.
      • access information about sessions for web applications (WLPSESS) running in WAS Liberty. This command allows user to determine the usage of each session.
      • start, stop, and restart applications, purge connection pools, and activate and pause endpoints via WLPSET command.                                       
    • New SMF Type 120 Subtype 11 Version 3 Record Formatter

    A new SMF record formatter was added to display SMF type 120 subtype 11 version 3 records that contain Liberty request activity. When users view SMF type 120 subtype 11 records using the SMFLOG command, they can invoke the new record formatter using a Select line command for the selected record.

    This change is not applicable to SYSVIEW Essentials users.

    We have included a Product Brief that details the features and highlights of this release. We also encourage you to visit the SYSVIEW Performance Management product information page on the Broadcom Support Online website at for more information success is very important to us, and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership with you.

    To review Broadcom Support lifecycle policies, please review the Broadcom Support Policy and Terms located at:  

    Thank you again for your business.

    Rachita Issar | PO | Broadcom