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  • 1.  GET/PUT error while running a rule

    Posted Apr 05, 2024 07:01 AM

    Hello All, I am getting the below error while running a message rule. The email address to which the message rules sends an email is stored in a global variable. The email was not sent, and I checked the SMTP log where i found the recipient list was empty. I saw the below error in the OPSLOG immediately after when the rule was fired. Is this related and how do i resolve this issue? 

    OPS3092H The input or output file OUTPUT is not allocated. It cannot be opened for I/O.
    OPS3092H EXECIO error while trying to GET or PUT a record.      

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  • 2.  RE: GET/PUT error while running a rule

    Posted Apr 08, 2024 01:52 AM

    You cannot do I/O in a rule, you'll have to addresss it to a server (OSF) .

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