CA 11 Workload Automation Restart and Tracking

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    Welcome to the new Broadcom Mainframe Software Communities! If you're here, you already know the benefits of learning, connecting and sharing knowledge and experience with other users as well as our own product experts. 

    I'll still be making updates to all of our communities now that the main migration is complete. As always, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to me directly: 

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  • I wanted to confirm that you are referring to CA 11 and not another product.   You post appears to be describing features/functions that do not pertain to what       CA 11 does.  CA 11  runs on the mainframe and perform dataset maintenance of datasets ...

  • Hi Alisha, Thanks for response. See there is notification option in tool which we can be configured for different status  of job if job reaches to different status like over due, agent down, complete, failure, and others  so we can set the notification ...

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  • We have an account where some kind of abended jobs when restarted, need to have the OUTPUT CLASS changed from R to K for the subsequent steps, and in case of restarting from a previous step, it has to be changed from there on. If anyone has any clues ...

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