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  • Congratulations to the team for all their hard work towards this significant milestone! For those that haven't seen it, Zach has an excellent blog covering this new component out on the Modern Mainframe blog site .

  • Thanks Eoin… They (we) have 2 deltas per stage, one for COBOL and one for all the other types. There has been a lot of JCL and NDM changes to add USER= to every jobcard, and for NDM PGM= within the PROCESS ESP to IWS and back to ESP again, I ...

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  • Posted in: Endevor

    Hi all, Peter Wassel has a new blog out on DevOps.com on using VS Code for Mainframe Development. Worth giving it a read: https://devops.com/vs-code-for-mainframe-the-enterprise-developer-tipping-point/ DevOps.com ...

  • Posted in: Endevor

    Our team is excited to announce the general availability of version 0.4.0 of Bridge for Git Explorer. This release includes a number of important enhancements that improve the experience of developers working with Bridge for Git mappings in VS Code. These ...

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  • Introduction Some things are so easily seen as part of a routine, that even the family dog can recognize them. You might see ready and eager eyes looking at you and suggesting “What are you waiting for”? Similar identifiable routines exist for ...

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  • Introduction Some Endevor sites have existed for years without the full benefit of the Automated Configuration Manager (ACM). Perhaps time constraints or other pressing demands, years or decades ago, led to shortcuts that rendered an incomplete ACM. ...

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