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Tuesday Tip:  Tape cannot be scratched even though the EXPDT is in the past and is not vaulted. 

Sep 18, 2014 10:51 AM

With fix RO62814 we changed the logic in TMSCLEAN to not scratch a tape if the CLOSED bit is not on in FLAG1 and the CDATE is less than 5 days old.  Two problems were found with this fix and fixes RO65431 and RO69505 were written to correct the problems.  Now if TMSCLEAN sees a tape with an EXPDT that is in the past and the CLOSED normal bit "40" or the CLOSED BY ABEND bit "10" are not on in FLAG1 and the CDATE is not at least 5 days in the past we will keep the tape.  This gives you 5 days to get the tape closed if you have a long running job.  Once the 5 days have been met the tape will be scratched even if one of these bits has not been turned on.

If the tape listed in the TMSCLEAN output is part of a multifile set, all volumes of the set must have either the CLOSED or ABEND bit set on to be able to scratch the tape before the 5 days are over.

The message from TMSCLEAN is:

** WARNING VOLSER=vvvvvv was not scratched => VOLSER IS NOT EXPIRED

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