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[TRANSCRIPT] CA Workload Automation ESP Office Hours (9/14/17) 

Sep 14, 2017 02:00 PM

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Everyone: Good morning and welcome to this month's ESP session. What questions do you have for our team of ESP experts?


Lenn Thompson (CA): @Eric: Thanks for joining! Do you have a question for our ESP team?


Lenn Thompson (CA): @Len: Always a pleasure to meet another Len(n). Do you have some questions for our team of ESP experts?


Lucy Zhang (CA): Hi Eric and Len, welcome for attending today! As you may know, ESP workstation 11.3 Build 107 has been GA'd


Lucy Zhang (CA): It makes the feature of RESETWOB command available from Workstation


Lucy Zhang (CA): @Len I know you have many agent wobs, so I think the RESETWOB feature should help at times


Lenn Thompson (CA): @Everyone Please make sure that you send your chat to everyone so that the entire group can see it1


Lucy Zhang (CA): @Len, please send to everyone, as we have DEV and SE on the session too


Lucy Zhang (CA): Here is Len's question: Are there any plans for an R12 version of the ESP Edition on the mainframe?

Lucy Zhang (CA): Hi Artem and Martin, could you answer Len's question?


Martin Smidl (CA): @Len: We currently are estimating the effort needed to release new version of ESP. No final date yet, but we are planning for it.


Len Mack: Excellent, is there a corresponding agent version upgrade planned also?


Tatevik Stepanyan (CA): They have been looking into this, I can check it , can you please send me the question , I will update you then


Martin Smidl (CA): @Len: New version of ESP should be able to communicate with current release 11.3.x of Agents. As per Tatevik, should would update you when she has more info from Agent team.


Len Mack: Not a big deal, just curious if they were trying to keep the version numbers in sync


Martin Smidl (CA): yeah, would make sense. Thanks for asking!


Len Mack: Are there any enhancements coming to ESP or any of the agents in the short term that are being advertised? 

Tatevik Stepanyan (CA): Len, we are currently working on iDash for ESP project, that gives monitoring capability for jobs/applications/SLAs


Tatevik Stepanyan (CA): I would do sprint review to show our progress, if you send me your email, I will make sure you get the invite


Tatevik Stepanyan (CA): we also did some enhancements based on communities ideations


Len Mack: is the intent for iDash to replace the workstation?


Tatevik Stepanyan (CA): we are going incrementally, we have started with monitoring capabilities


Martin Smidl (CA): the team is also working on adding PASSPHRASE support to Workstation server to allow you up to 100 characters long passphrases instead of 8-character password


Tatevik Stepanyan (CA): then based on feedback from customers we are going to exptend it


Martin Smidl (CA): Passphrase support is currently under testing and should be released soon.


Len Mack: So the long term goal will be iDash for complete job management?  Is iDash an installed application or web?


Martin Smidl (CA): Other than Passphrase and iDash-like capability, the team is also enhancing Informatica job type to support LDAP authentication.


Tatevik Stepanyan (CA): Len is your team also using workstation?


Martin Smidl (CA): Len, it will be completely web-based application.


Len Mack: We do use workstation, both in our operations team (they use both Workstation and the panels).  Also we make it available to anyone that is interested in monitoring or viewing their own jobs.  It's most applications teams but there are a few business users.  They only access to ESP using the Workstation, they cannot use the panels


Tatevik Stepanyan (CA): ok, I see


Tatevik Stepanyan (CA): we will have also new workstation build 109 coming in the mid of October which will include SFTP job support as well


Tatevik Stepanyan (CA): Len, and do you see web interface usable by your time


Tatevik Stepanyan (CA): I would like to include customers in our validation program, when we start validating it, because now still development in progress but end of this year, Q1 next year we should start validating more


Len Mack: Web based is definitely a plus, really more from a software management perspective.  Not having to package and distribute to desktops would be a good thing


Tatevik Stepanyan (CA): good, so I will keep your team informed with our progress


Len Mack: sure thing.


Tatevik Stepanyan (CA): thank you


Lenn Thompson (CA): @Everyone: Do we have any other questions? We're nearly at the end of our time


Len Mack: None here, thanks for all the information.


Lenn Thompson (CA): @Len Thanks for joining us.

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