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05-09-2017 02:59 PM

This Rexx program provides a quick and easy way to display the components of a load library, and to show the assemble date/time and highest fix level for a module. It provides sorting and filtering on many different fields to produce the information you need quickly.


Below is a small piece of the screen. You can filter on module name (full or partial), internal CSECT name, specific solution ID, and FMID. Double-clicking one of these filters will reset it to show everything. In addition, you can sort up or down on any of the columns. Using the sort and filters in combination makes this a very powerful tool for you!


To install this, upload the SVLOAD.txt file into any FB 80 file that is part of your SYSEXEC/SYSPROC concatenation. There are Panel and Message components built into this member but they do not require separate members in other libraries.


To use this, simply enter TSO SVLOAD on the command line, or enter TSO SVLOAD '' to receive this display. There are field-level help panels as well as one general help panel (press F1 while the cursor is on the command line).


Sample capture of part of the SVLOAD screen

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