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[TRANSCRIPT] CA Workload Automation ESP Office Hours (July 13, 2017) 

Jul 13, 2017 01:34 PM

Lenn Thompson (CA): Thanks for joining, everyone. What questions do you have for the team today?

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Pavel Good morning, sir. How are you? Thanks for joining. Have any questions for the ESP team today?

Pavel: yes, why I am always mixing up WA office hours??

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Pavel Haha. AE is next month!

Pavel: sorry to crash the party. have a good day.

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Pavel You too!

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Rick Good morning. How are things? Do you have any ESP questions for the team today?

Don Powell (CA): @Rick....Thanks for joining

Rick Romanowski: I have a question about how to troubleshoot IP_MON not detecting an IP/Port.  I plan on opening a support case, but have not yet done that can we still discuss this?

Don Powell (CA): Sure

Don Powell (CA): @Rick Sure

Rick Romanowski: I have an IP_MON with a status of "Monitored for Ping IP/Port" I have dumped the objmon_adapters_objmon.odb file in the database directory to verify that it is present

There is nothing blocking TCP/IP as I am able to use telnet to connect from the source to the destination IP/Port.

I also login to the server in question and the Port is UP.

Why is the IP_MON is not "seeing" the IP/Port as UP?

What other troubleshooting steps can I do?

Rick Romanowski: From the same source server the IP_MON works for 100+ other IP/Ports

Don Powell (CA): @Rick .....Hmmmm I am playing with my test one... Can you show the job definition?

Rick Romanowski: AGENT_NAME = "LJ_DDS_P999"         /* Agent Name for DB Server   */ 

DB_NAME = "p999"                   /* Lower Case                 */ 

EVENTID = "DB@P999"                /* DB@<DB_NAME> Upper Case    */ 

SERVER  = "P999.LINUX.US.UPS.COM"                 /* Server Name */ 

DB_PORT = "1543"                   /* Listening Port of Database */                                                                  

INVOKE 'N800.ESP.PROD.TEMPLATE(DBWATCHR)'                           

Rick Romanowski: IP_MON N8000DIU.%EVNTID DOCMEM(N8000DIU)

  AGENT %IPMON_AGENT                    

  IPADDRESS %SERVER                     

  IPPORT %DB_PORT                       

  STATUS RUNNING WAIT                   

  RUN DAILY                             

  RELEASE N8000DPU.%EVNTID              


Rick Romanowski: This same template is used for 100+ databases and it works.  The only exception are 2 servers that are in a secure segment and require a Firewall rule and this one.  But TCP/IP connectivity exists between the Monitoring Agent and the destination IP/Port.

Don Powell (CA): @Rick. I think you will need to open a ticket. I seems like it should work. I don't know what command we are doing to validate the connection. maybe we could do the same command. 

Rick Romanowski: telnet ip port

Rick Romanowski: yes, I will open a ticket

Don Powell (CA): @Rick.  In some cases a server has rules not to respond to a ping command.  This may be similar for this server and the command we are issuing. 

Don Powell (CA): @Rick. Just a thought

Rick Romanowski: If that is the case then something should be written in the log to state that.  Or better yet update CSF with "Unable to  PING because . . . "

Don Powell (CA): That would make sense......That was just a thought.....

Rick Romanowski: IP_MON is great when everything is working, but when there are issues I need to quickly and easily determine what the issue is.

Don Powell (CA): So I think we should figure out the "behind the scenes command" they are using.

Rick Romanowski: This is something new that we are doing and it has been successful (except for a few bumps) .  This is beig rolled out in a Production environment and issues need to be addressed and resolved quickly before upper management gets involved.  Then the real fun starts.

Don Powell (CA): Still playing with this on my side....

Lukas Kopacek (CA): @Rick Are you able to telnet the server on the ports from Minframe?

Rick Romanowski: Checking now

Don Powell (CA): @Rick ... What is important is whether it is possible to telnet from the agent to the server in question.

Lukas Kopacek (CA): @Rick you should be able to telnet defined ports from the agent machine

Lukas Kopacek (CA): @Rick did you check the ports from your machine or from the agent machine?

Rick Romanowski: That has been confirmed, that I can telnet from  monitoring agent to the other server.   Everything looks good, but IP_MON is not detecting the port for that IP

Lukas Kopacek (CA): IP_MON is running on Linux?

Don Powell (CA): @Rick...A ticket for this will need to be opened...

Lukas Kopacek (CA): there should be some logs for investigation

Lukas Kopacek (CA): yes, it would be better to open the ticket >]

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Everyone We have just a couple minutes left. Are there any final questions?

Lenn Thompson (CA): Okay -- thanks everyone. We'll see you next time.

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