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Sep 10, 2015 02:23 AM

In ACF2 r15.0, where is the ALIAS ACF2RLSE, to Module ACFFDR, used and what is it's purpose?


The LINK of the Module ACFFDR doesn't require the ALIAS ACF2RLSE, nor the INCLUDE for ACF$GCVT.  Basically, the ALIAS for ACFFDR, ACF2RLSE, is no longer used.  It appears that the LINK Statements were copied from a previous release of ACF2 and included in the ACF2 r15.0 Install.


There is no impact from this ALIAS specification when issuing a NEWMOD for ACFFDR.  The ALIAS and the INCLUDE will not cause any processing errors and will be deleted from the next release of ACF2.


However, there are plenty of other considerations when replacing the ACFFDR, especially if the addition or removal of Site Defined Fields alters or changes the UID String Fields.  The ACFFDR contains several items, including the site defined Fields, the @CFDE Entries.  The UID String specifies which Fields make up the UID String which is used in Rules.  The major consideration is that the impact of changing the ACFFDR to change a Field that is part of the UID String, is majorly significant.  If that Field is part of their UID String, then in addition to making the ACFFDR change, all applicable Rules need to be updated and coordinated with the ACFFDR change, otherwise product Jobs/Users may experience unexpected violations because their UID no longer matches the UID string change, as implemented by changing the ACFFDR.


As an example:


-  The ACFFDR UID String specification specifies:

   COMPANY (3 char), SITE (2 char), DEPT (3 char), LID (8 char)

   ...a total of 16 characters.


-  Add a new Field, LOC (2 char), to the UID String, now making it:

   COMPANY (3 char), SITE (2 char), LOC (2 char), DEPT (3 char), LID (8 char)

   ...a total of 18 characters.


-  Rules for DEPT ACC original were:


   ...would now have to be:


   ...adding the 2 new positions for LOC.  If these Rules are not changed along with the ACFFDR, the Department ACC User would no longer have access based on the original Rules.


Basically, you do not just do a:


...unless you are totally aware of what is changing in the ACFFDR.

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