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End of Life Announcement for CA Network and Systems Management Relative to CA Automation Point 

09-26-2014 04:08 PM

Please read this announcement concerning the End of Life of CA Network and Systems Management relative to CA Automation Point.

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10-03-2014 01:07 PM



Thanks for your posting and expressing your concerns regarding the CA NSM End of Life (EOL) announcement.  We certainly understand the anxiety such announcements can generate.


The CA NSM team announced End of Life (EOL) for all their components as being September 2015 in February 2014.  CA NSM is a stand-alone product and their EOL announcement was only sent to  registered CA NSM customers to declare that after September 2015, there would be no further development of, or service delivered for, CA NSM components.


CA Automation Point re-distributes three CA NSM core technologies which can be optionally installed during the CA Automation Point installation process.  These three CA NSM core technologies are no longer going to be serviced, per the CA NSM announcement, after September 2015.  The CA Automation Point team was therefore obligated to announce same to the CA Automation Point customer base, thus the CA AP / CA NSM announcement letter you have attached to your post.


The three specialized CA NSM technologies re-distributed by CA AP are not used by general CA AP base functionalities, rather they are used for special, optional use cases. The announcement letter, and your post, detail those special use cases.


CA AP, CA OPS/MVS, CA NSM, CA Nimsoft and other CA teams are working on a replacement strategy.  CA Automation Point 11.5 is currently in beta status so planning for the next CA Automation Point deliverables is currently in-progress and part of those plans include developing next generation interfaces to replace CA Automation Point's use of CA NSM Distributed CCI and CA NSM Event Manager services.


That's about all we can say at this point, but hope this helps. If you or any other CA Automation Point customers would be interested in participating in use-case discussions with CA Automation Point engineering, please feel free to contact me directly.  We are interested in hearing about how customer automation strategies make use of the current technologies.  We will also be looking for customers to help validate our next generation solutions.


That's all for now.






David R. Jones

CA Technologies

Principal Product Manager

System z Mainframe Automation

Pittsburgh Technology Development Center


10-03-2014 11:19 AM

What are CA's plans to successfully find alternatives to  the following :


CA NSM Distributed CCI Component

  – Cross-platform communications used by CA AP - CA  OPS/MVS API

CA NSM Event Manager

  – Allows CA AP to send and receive SNMP traps 

I find this interesting because Automation Point is a compenent of our IT Automation strategy...  Just wondering the direction.

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