Garbage At the End of VM:Schedule Monitor Records 

09-15-2014 11:44 AM

At the end of a scheduled job run, VM:Schedule sends information about the resources used in the job through a MONITOR command.

When a job scheduled through VM:Schedule ends, that command is issued to the product and the command is echoed on the VM:Schedule console in the VMDCMD1111I message.

For this command, there appears to be garbage at the end of the command line.


For example:                           

12:06:10 NMPSJ    0032 VMDCMD1111I Beginning command: MON END LMPQR LWLMOEND

00000504 140912 120610 N """" """"""""               a       ;              


This is normal behavior. There is data in the end of the record that is not in plain text format, so it shows like trash.

The data is information from the job run that is put into the request definition after the job ends.

These messages began appearing with implementation of the common nucleus in VM:Schedule 2.0.

Prior releases of VM:Schedule did not display the beginning and end of commands as it does now,

so the MON command syntax was not seen prior to VM:Schedule 2.0.

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